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All in all, ‘Rakhdoo’ driver-guide is your most trusted companion on your Europe Tour

Hire ‘Rakhdoo’ driver guide on your next tour / visit to Europe or Scandinavia.

‘Rakhdoo’ Driver-guide Network of Europe

How to hire, from where to hire, where to drop-off, where all one should go, what all to see and do? Many such questions haunt Europe visitors because there is so much of information BUT so little of this information is practicable. And thus a visitor is at the mercy of Packaged Tour Operator. He promises a very neat looking and concise program that makes a visitor believe that touring Europe is child’s play. But such belief lasts only till he has embarked on a packaged tour. A tourist is left tired and disappointed in a Packaged Tour due to the rigidity of schedules, quality of accommodation and pace of sight-seeing. That is why more and more travelers and tourists are realizing that what they need is a vehicle with driver, who would drive and guide them through destination countries. This need and realization has brought forth the service of DRIVER-GUIDES. ‘Rakhdoo’ is the perfect example of this service. ‘Rakhdoo’ is your driver-guide in Europe who picks you up from the arrival airport helping you to embark on the memorable journey that you have always wanted. From the time that ‘Rakhdoo’ picks you up, he is your friendly driver companion with good knowledge of destination. With ‘Rakhdoo’ at your service, you are not at the mercy of tour operator or local transportation.

Another advantage is total transparency regarding the cost. As a client (visitor) you know beforehand exactly how much will be the cost of your travel, tour and any activity that you undertake. This enhances your comfort manifold. Now there are no surprises, no dependence and no last-minute anxiety. With ‘Rakhdoo’ always waiting for you, while you indulge in sight-seeing, shopping or any one of the most entertaining or adventurous activity that only Europe can offer, you are absolutely sure that at the end of the day, ‘Rakhdoo’ is waiting for you at the appointed place with his van to ferry you back to your hotel / motel / campsite happily cherishing the memory of the past day.

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